• Zahid Raja

    Zahid Raja

    Swansea University MSc candidate - Social Research Methods. Work part time in a pharmacy. Loves politics, higher education, and comms: zahidraja.co.uk

  • CASE


    Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion. Research on social disadvantage and examination of the impact of public policy. RTs don't imply endorsement

  • Stewart Whitworth

    Stewart Whitworth

  • Sara Mahmoud

    Sara Mahmoud

    A geek exploring tech, social justice, housing, economics and anti-racism.

  • thabet



  • Richard Lindsay

    Richard Lindsay

    Communications professional - head of corporate communications at Marex Spectron, previously with Guardian Media Group and HSBC.

  • A Van Emmenis

    A Van Emmenis

  • Sue Jameson

    Sue Jameson

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